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We need your help in order to continue making meaningful change!

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We need your help in order to continue making meaningful change!

Help us bring hope to families! A letter from the Executive Director

Dear supporter and friend of Family Promise North Shore Boston ~

These last couple of years have been difficult for anyone who has lived them. We’ve all experienced devastating loss and have seen life continue to move forward even when we were not ready. For the families we serve, things are no different. We have received calls from mothers trying to keep their kids safe, warm, and happy–all while calling their car “home.” We have talked with desperate fathers juggling multiple jobs just to prevent eviction or foreclosure. We’ve met parents on the brink of homelessness, terrified of what comes next, yet continuing to maintain a positive attitude for the sake of their children.

It is difficult to speak of hope when the housing crisis in Massachusetts seems truly hopeless. However, if there is one thing I have learned from the families we serve, it is that without hope we have nothing. Hope is a precursor for change. If families in situations as unimaginable as living in their cars are able to keep hope alive for their children, then who are we to feel hopeless?

The truth of the matter is there is not enough housing for the number of people who need it. We cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. We can, however, offer hope. We can be the agency that calls back when many do not. We can provide resources and financial assistance to help families avoid shelter until they find stable housing. We can walk alongside families, helping to carry their burdens, so they have more strength to offer their own children. We can, quite literally, be the hope that these families need in order to keep going . It can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when that tunnel seems to be an endless circle. Instead, we must try to be that light.

Family Promise has proven over these last two years to be instrumental in fighting the homelessness and housing crisis on the North Shore and in greater Massachusetts. We need your help to continue providing these services to families who call our office. Please consider donating towards our Annual Appeal so we can continue being “hope” for families who are losing theirs.

Make a year-end donation today and help support our vision! Consider being a monthly donor and help our organization serve families for years to come.

With gratitude,

Rachel Hand
Executive Director
Family Promise North Shore Boston

Please mail checks to: Family Promise North Shore Boston, 35 Conant Street, Beverly, MA 01915